Landrush phase for Nominet .uk short domains

The Landrush phase for the 2,640 remaining .uk short domains will begin on 23rd May.

List of domains that will be released by Nominet can be found here

To ensure all interested parties can take part, a Landrush application window opens at midday (12.00 BST) on 23 May 2011 and will close at midday (12.00 BST) 15 June 2011. During this period, these domain names will not be available on a first come first served basis.

Any domain name for which there is only one qualifying application (see section 6 of the Sunrise Process and Registration Rules) will be allocated on 23rd June.

Domain names which receive more than one application will go to auction, and the domain name will be awarded to the applicant who places the highest bid. The auctions will take place from 20th July onwards; details will be sent to participants in advance. Any profits from the auctions will go to Nominet Trust.

The remaining .uk short domains will be made available on a first-come, first served basis from 27 June 2011.

Please note that the domains will remain on the ‘whois’ as reserved and will not show as ‘available’, hence we will be only offering registration applications via our Domain Name Management service. Contact me on for more details.

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Results of first Nominet Short Domain Name Auction by NFPAS

Six Short Domain Names auctioned

NFPAS Auctions conducted the first auction of short domain names on behalf of Nominet on 15th and 16th March 2011. As part of the Nominet Registered Rights Sunrise Phase any contested short domain names went forward to the auction.

The following domains names were auctioned;

NFPAS are reporting that the average price that the domain names reached in the auction was close to £4000.00 (6 x 4 £24,000 ish)

If you read Andrews & Arnold blog he says he got for £5 ???

Just shows, it is worth taking part. Never assume that the other party are willing to write a blank cheque for something. You have to be in it to win it…… next phase (details on Monday) there will be no ‘rights’ required. Multiple applicants will be invited to ‘auction’…. start counting the pennies and ring me next week 🙂

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I did tell you I was obsessed with

You were warned, I wasn’t kidding when I said I am obsessed.

Checked state of play again this morning….

Interested to see that they have already set up a PPC campaign when I typed ‘’ into Google

Don’t worry American Airlines, I never clicked it (figuring you’ve paid enough for the domain itself).
Automobile Association…. nice to see you right up there in the natural ranking xxx

I am totally confused however about the fact that the domain still doesn’t have the Nameservers set by the Registry that handled this for them – hence they cannot use it yet!

Please people, if you buy domains, use them…. 🙂

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Nominet .uk short domain further update

On April 13 2011 a further 79 uncontested .uk short domains were registered following the close of the Unregistered Rights Sunrise.

10 of which were secured with my assistance through our managed service (whoop whoop).

We are awaiting notification by PGP signed email and we will confirm to our successful applicants that their domain names have been registered.

A small number of contested domains will be involved in an auction phase to determine the successful registrant. The auction partner NFPA will contact the applicants directly to advise them of the details of the auction process.

List of domains were;

Details of the next phase have not been announced yet…..

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.uk short domains update

The rights validation period of the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase for the release of .uk short domains closed on 31 March. Uncontested domains will be registered at midday (12.00 BST) on Wednesday 13 April.

Relevant registrars will be notified by PGP signed email and they will confirm to the applicants that their domain names have been registered.

Any contested domains will be involved in an auction phase to determine the successful registrant. Nominet will notify the relevant registrars and their auction partner NFPA will contact the applicants directly to advise them of the details of the auction process.

Landrush phase
Following the close of the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase, Nominet will announce details of the landrush phase, including a list of the domain names available, on 18 April….. watch this space 🙂

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I’m about to ruin any street cred that i didn’t have…..

I was doing a Google search to see if anyone else was talking about the domain name registration. I wanted to know how much American Airlines had paid….

My Google search was ‘ domain name’ 1st page of Google!

I am chuffed to bits… my little blog is only new, I did it with a ‘one click install’ from our hosting packages. I know it’s one of the basic templates and should be professionally designed (designers I work with have even offered to do it), but I’m happy with my little blog and for me, it’s all about content.

New picture frame for my desk….. check!
Screen shot of my blog on page 1 of Google….. check!


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.eu domain name celebrates its 5th birthday

.eu, the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the European Union, is celebrating its fifth birthday today.

Here are some interesting facts about the .eu extension….

EURid has reported that registrations of .eu domain names have doubled in five years, which puts it ninth on the list of most popular TLDs in the world. According to EURid .eu domain names are available to more than 500 million Europeans in 27 countries – domains can be registered by organizations and citizens in all EU member states.

Let’s take a look at the popularity of other country code TLDs in Europe:
Germany (.de): 14.321.870 registered domain names;
United Kingdom (,, etc.): 9.317.393 registered domain names;
The Netherlands (.nl): 4.378.370 registered domain names;
France (.fr): 1.989.689.

When you transfer a .eu from one provider to another, it does not add a year onto the expiry date (as in .com), instead it gives you a year from the date the transfer completes.

The .eu whois ( has recently updated their whois results to display ‘expiry date’ (about chuffin’ time!)
More interestingly, if you are late expiring your .eu and it has gone into ‘quarantine’ ….

Quarantined This name is currently unavailable because it is quarantined. A domain name holder may decide to give up a name and delete its registration. When that happens, the domain name is put into a 40-day quarantine as a safety measure.

….. it now shows the date it will be released back onto the open market as a ‘first come first served’ domain registration?!?

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Even though the sunrise whois at Nominet is still showing ‘Auction’, the ongoing auction has been finalised.

Result of WHOIS query:

Domain name:
Registrant: American Airlines, Inc.
Registrant type: Non-UK Corporation
Registrant’s address: P.O. Box 619616, DFW Airport, Texas, 75261-9616. United States
Registered on: 04-Apr-2011

Obviously the fact that American Airlines already owned made this a much more brand valuable addition to their domain portfolio.

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The auction is still ongoing between American Airlines, Inc., Andrews & Arnold Ltd and The Automobile Association Limited to see who is going to get the domain name! The auctions started Mid March???

I have been obsessed with this from the start, this was the domain that I used as an example to get my head around the rules for the release of the reserved and short domain names.

Check here if you’re obsessed too

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Cybersquatting Hits Record Level, WIPO Center Rolls out New Services

Taken from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) – The guys that we have to submit the .com (amongst other) disputes to……

Geneva, March 31, 2011

In 2010, trademark holders filed 2,696 cybersquatting cases covering 4,370 domain names with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) under procedures based on the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), an increase of 28% over the 2009 level and of 16% over the previous record year, 2008 (annex 1). Parties took advantage of user-friendly online facilities such as the WIPO-initiated paperless eUDRP, the Legal Index of WIPO UDRP Decisions, and the Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions (WIPO Overview) to assist their case preparation and submission.

“The WIPO Center is the leading provider of domain name dispute services and provides a rich range of resources for users and the general public. The just-released major update to the WIPO Overview is an excellent illustration of these resources and reflects the long experience of the WIPO Center,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. The freely-available WIPO Overview is a unique tool used by parties, counsel and others around the world to find their bearings in cybersquatting jurisprudence (annex 2). “The revised WIPO Overview distills panel findings in thousands of domain name cases filed with WIPO since its launch,” added Mr. Gurry.

(See for full release)

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