My name is Kelly Salter and I work from the UK for an large European ISP / Domain Name registrar. You can work out who from a search on the domain name 🙂

My role is Domain Product Management & Registry Relations for the group. I manage the relationships with all of the Domain registries and authorities, look after our accreditation’s, policies, contracts, T&C’s  and new extension launches.

Whilst I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a fantastic team of people that work alongside me to deliver and understand the complexities of the internet and our services to the best of their ability, I never forget that 5 years ago, I only really knew about the .com and extensions and the DNS technical part (bunch of numbers that tell the internet where everything is) was an area you would have to drag me to kicking and screaming to go near.

It’s important to note that the internet is relatively new, I remember the days before the internet and especially the day my tech guy tried to get me to use this new ‘Google’ thing, which I wasn’t convinced about. Yes I was a girl that learnt from her set of ‘Encyclopaedia Britannicas’ when she was young. It has moved so quickly and we as businesses and consumers are always playing catch up.

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2 Responses to Me

  1. Peter Brooks says:

    I saw you on Twitter.
    I would Love to learn more about your objectives for buying or selling premium domain names.

    • ksalter says:

      Hi Peter,
      Having a good domain name can really help an online business, I personally think if it’s done right, it’s an investment that any business should seriously consider.
      We already help our customer base in this area, either through our Domain name acquisition service, where our trained advisers negotiate on behalf of a client for a registered domain, or through our ‘Premium Domains’ service, which are high-value names that have already been registered and are put back into the market by their current owners.

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