Are you aware that the domain name world is about to explode?

I haven’t blogged for ages and for that i apologise, the truth is that so much has been happening in the domain name world that i haven’t made the time. I have been busy writing articles, but boring “PR” ones that i often have to tame what i really want to say.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) basically the body that defines the policy and looks after the global internet (which i am currently attending in Durban, SA) decided in it’s wisdom that you needed more choice and it should promote competition between the generic TLDs (Top-level domains)… so, starting later this year we will see the launch of over 1,000 new domain name endings, some of which are kinda cool, the majority of which i am struggling to see make any impact.

I have tried to raise awareness, believe me it’s really hard to get mainstream press excited about domain names. I set myself a personal goal last year, our marketing team wanted “main stream PR”, in my naivety i said… “Ok, I’ll get us in the Guardian & BBC, it was the two that first sprung to mind!?! But, I’m nothing if not determined, so….. 😉


PS. The Christmas one is my favorite, when a journalist asks you for a “funny domain story”, it’s a tough ask.., 21 Nov 2012: Global government panel files web domain objections

Kelly Salter, a domain product specialist at web hosting firm, said the increasing opposition could derail the plans until 2014.

She added: “The fact that 270 objections have come from the Governmental Advisory Committee highlights the concerns surrounding the new generic top level domains from Icann.

“Even as a UK registrar of domain names we feel the expensive application process has been mismanaged with major brands trying to own generic domains like .beauty that could exclude real competition – especially smaller businesses desperate to succeed in difficult times.”

Read full article:, 17 Dec 2012: New top-level internet domains to launch in 2013

Other domain names in the lottery draw on Monday include .blog, .music, .hotel and .london, with the latter applied for by London & Partners, the official promotional firm for the capital.

Kelly Salter, a domain product specialist at web hosting firm, said successful candidates on Monday would have a huge competitive advantage in launching their new internet addresses.

Read full article: 18 December 2012: .cymru beats .scot to early internet address name review

One UK-based registrar said that the initial new gTLDs to go live would benefit from their early start.

“Those that go first will get a lot more marketing opportunities,” Kelly Salter from told the BBC.

“At the moment there are relatively few extensions to choose from that give you global coverage – so there is the opportunity to get great exposure.

“But if you’re number 500 to be approved, our customers will have become desensitised by that point. So the impact to domains launching towards the end of the process will be that they have to work harder to make people want to use them.”

Icann has said it plans to let the first batch of new gTLDs in May 2013.

Ms Salter said after the launch date she expected about 20 would be released each week with the final ones going live before the end of 2014.

Read full article:, 18 Dec 2012: No-ho-ho – .christmas delayed till 2014, thanks to domain name lottery

Kelly Salter, a domain name specialist at the web hosting firm who watched the lottery draw, said: “The pope may have only had his Twitter for a week, but clearly the Vatican were saying their prayers with .catholic in the Chinese language coming top of the ICANN new gTLD draw last night – and poor Santa with .christmas falling way down the list at 1290.

“It looks like we’re in for a traditional Christmas, even Santa turning up for the new gTLD priority draw couldn’t help the .christmas application. It’s unlikely we’ll see .christmas until 2014.”

Salter said she expects ICANN to launch about 750 of the new internet domains – technically called “generic top-level domains” – from April next year. In 2014, about 1,000 of the addresses are expected to go live.

Read full article:

Loads has happened since, Google has done a U turn (since i gave Google such a hard time, even in person… I may cover their story so far in a separate article), brands that have applied for generic terms (think L’Oreal having .beauty all for themselves) have been given the fantastic news that “this may not be in the best interest of our open and free internet). Check out you can tell from my language that i was particularly passionate about this news, no word of a lie when i say there was dancing in offices around the world 🙂

I promise to blog more, the last thing i want is this all catching you unaware so you end up panic buying rubbish domain extensions when the madness hits x





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