Nominet Landrush short domains

I know I haven’t blogged for a while, apologies….

The Nominet Landrush release of the reserved, short domains kept me quite busy. In a weird way I’m going to miss it, it was nice to be doing a release that was UK specific for a change.

We won’t be doing Phase 4, general availability on a first come first served basis. There may be some that are released, but they will be snapped up in milli seconds by scripts, the sunrise whois isn’t yet showing an accurate picture as there is still time for people that applied to pay their £10 Nominet fee (until 22nd) and dot the ‘i’ on their application so it becomes valid (if it’s visible, it’s valid).

Next step for me is the auctions. The Landrush auctions are scheduled to take place from Wednesday July 20th onwards….. and there are a few that I’d like to be a fly on the wall for 🙂

It is an ‘open process’ between the applicants. NFPAS is the auction provider that Nominet has chosen, interestingly they have removed the slideshow that was on their website with the explanation of how it was working, as I’ve previously downloaded it I can give you an overview of what it said, watch this space though, I’ll update you if I find out any new information!

Bidding was scheduled be from 10am to 5pm BST (Nominet will tell you your day and give you your login information).
If the auction has not completed by 5pm it will carry on to the next day and re-commence at 10am (you can go home and see the family, have dinner and some sleep). You will be given access to an online portal and you click to make a bid;

Minimum price increments were;
£0 – £1,000 : £10
£1,001 to £10,000 : £100
£10,001 to £100,000 : £1,000
£100, 001k + : £10,000

The current bid is visible, it tells you if you’re the highest bidder and you will also receive an email notification each time a bid is made by any party (please don’t rely on the email, make sure you keep an eye on the portal).
If at any time the bid does not increase after a 30 minute time frame, the lot (domain) is awarded. Each time a bid is made the time left will reset to 30 mins. Any bid made after 5pm will not start until 10am the next day.

Dates will be confirmed by Nominet and NFPAS after the Landrush closes.

This is the space on the NFPAS website they had the demonstration of how the Landrush auction platform will work. I would expect them to put a new slideshow up soon.

I have spoke to Nominet to ask whether they would all happen at the same time or would they be staggered? It’s not confirmed yet… personally I think it would be very interesting to have them simultaneously, it would make it interesting for those that put a speculative application in for a high number, may even the playing field a little 🙂

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6 Responses to Nominet Landrush short domains

  1. Seems like Phase 4 is more or less out of questions for, and, since there is applications for all of the short domains..

  2. Daniel says:

    i was inetrested to get your thoughts on some of the values……i’ve been in on a few and was suprised to see some selling at low prices.

    what wodu you consider a good price for doamins such as / or any examples really?


    • ksalter says:

      Hi Daniel, the domains you mention were secured by companies in the Sunrise phase. They had existing Intellectual property in an ‘exact match’. For these clients the domains are ‘valuable’ because they ‘match’ their intellectual property. The majority of the clients we secured short domains for in the Sunrise phases of the Nominet release, did not have to go to auction as they were the only verified applicants.

      I have seen 3 character domains resell in the private market for £50k plus. These figures are normally paid by a company that has a ‘ commercial use’ for the domain. I would be interested to see if is used to advertise ‘doctors’ or if is used to advertise ‘public relations’. This is when the true ‘value’ of domains are seen. A domain is only worth what someone is willing to pay…. 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    I hear you – its all what soemone is willing to pay for sure.

    i watched sell fo £2200 last week which i thought was very cheap indeed.

    im wodnering whether i shodul take a loan out to secure some of these as they sem to be under the 5 k mark for most….

    • ksalter says:

      It’s risky, i would not recommend getting into debt to gamble that the domain would return an investment. Only gamble what you’re prepared to loose!
      If you were buying it for your business/brand then i can understand paying to secure it, domaining is an art form and those that make money in it are very experienced. Please be careful…..

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