Whether you like it or not .xxx is launching

The important release of 2011 is the introduction of .XXX, which after many years of controversy and debate is through the final stages of approval by ICANN.

The release process is not yet finalised, but the first .XXX addresses have been released to the domain system’s root servers and you can visit sites like sex.xxx which currently holds generic Registry content (not adult themed) and is being marketed with the tagline, “Let’s Be Adult About it”.

Even if your brand is not linked with the adult entertainment industry, this is an important defensive registration domain and so we’ll be keeping you posted with the relevant facts as they become available.

Namesco are giving clients the opportunity to register an interest to be contacted directly with key information. Get in touch using at obp@names.co.uk and provide us with the name of Domains you may be interested in registering. Unlike other providers, we are not charging for this service.

Who Should Be Interested in .XXX ?

There are clearly two different groups of registrants who should closely monitor the release process of this new extension:-

(i) People working in the Adult Entertainment industry seeking to secure commercially valuable domain names

(ii) Any trademark owners keen to defensively register their brand names in this extension and keep names out of the .XXX space

Because of the long history associated with .XXX, you may be confused about exactly what is currently on offer for pre-registration. But the answer is simple – no official guidelines have been released and therefore you should think twice before paying a pre-registration fee for a Domain extension that does not yet have a structured launch timeline.

More About .XXX

ICM is the registry finally appointed to manage this high profile extension after ICANN was forced for the first time to overrule the advice of national governments and approve ICM’s contract. The adult industry has been a substantial part of the Internet since the beginning and as content has grown and become more accessible, many consumer and government groups have raised concerns about how adult content is identified.

ICM claims to have received more than 600,000 proprietary requests and so this gives an idea of just how big this Domain launch is likely to be as registrant clamour to secure Domains for the adult entertainment industry and undertake defensive registration to protect a brand and keep it out of the .xxx extension.

.XXX brings with it the ability for users to clearly identify whether content of a site will contain adult content before they visit it. Domains registered in the .XXX extension will also be subject to Best Business Practices through the Domain Registry.

Launch Process

The launch process has not yet been released, but it is likely to include Founders, Sunrise , Grandfathering , Landrush and General Availability. Whilst no timelines are currently available, we anticipate that initial registrations will begin in early Autumn and General Availability could even arrive during 2011.

To find out more about Managed Domain Services, get in touch with me on obp@names.co.uk

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