Results of first Nominet Short Domain Name Auction by NFPAS

Six Short Domain Names auctioned

NFPAS Auctions conducted the first auction of short domain names on behalf of Nominet on 15th and 16th March 2011. As part of the Nominet Registered Rights Sunrise Phase any contested short domain names went forward to the auction.

The following domains names were auctioned;

NFPAS are reporting that the average price that the domain names reached in the auction was close to £4000.00 (6 x 4 £24,000 ish)

If you read Andrews & Arnold blog he says he got for £5 ???

Just shows, it is worth taking part. Never assume that the other party are willing to write a blank cheque for something. You have to be in it to win it…… next phase (details on Monday) there will be no ‘rights’ required. Multiple applicants will be invited to ‘auction’…. start counting the pennies and ring me next week 🙂

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