I did tell you I was obsessed with aa.co.uk..

You were warned, I wasn’t kidding when I said I am obsessed.

Checked state of play again this morning….

Interested to see that they have already set up a PPC campaign when I typed ‘aa.co.uk’ into Google

Don’t worry American Airlines, I never clicked it (figuring you’ve paid enough for the domain itself).
Automobile Association…. nice to see you right up there in the natural ranking xxx

I am totally confused however about the fact that the domain still doesn’t have the Nameservers set by the Registry that handled this for them – hence they cannot use it yet!

Please people, if you buy domains, use them…. 🙂

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3 Responses to I did tell you I was obsessed with aa.co.uk..

  1. Vladimir says:

    Really a shame to see such a huge potential unused. Even a simple redirect for starters would do!

  2. Where is the headline news?


    £4k seems a low average.
    6 auctions @ 4k = £24k
    I would have expected aa.co.uk to fetch more than that alone!

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