aa.co.uk ….. and the winner is …..

Even though the sunrise whois at Nominet is still showing ‘Auction’, the ongoing auction has been finalised.

Result of WHOIS query:

Domain name: aa.co.uk
Registrant: American Airlines, Inc.
Registrant type: Non-UK Corporation
Registrant’s address: P.O. Box 619616, DFW Airport, Texas, 75261-9616. United States
Registered on: 04-Apr-2011

Obviously the fact that American Airlines already owned aa.com made this a much more brand valuable addition to their domain portfolio.

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2 Responses to aa.co.uk ….. and the winner is …..

  1. Whilst it was disappointing from a British perspective to see this prize domain name go to the US, the deeper pocket will always prevail in a straight auction.
    The AA will have to console themselves with the consolation prize of aa.org.uk, assuming they won the auction for that.

    Thanks for all your help in securing our short domain names.

    • ksalter says:

      I am surprised that more brand owners didn’t take advantage of this release. The release of the short .uk domains provides an opportunity for savvy rights owners to get hold of memorable domain names, that can enhance their brand value. It was a nice change to be dealing with a .uk launch and it is a pleasure working with you 🙂

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