.xxx finally gets ICANN approval

The launch of the .xxx extension has been in discussion for a number of years, it has finally been given approval by the ICANN board.

Many see this as a controversial decision by the Board to approve an application to add “.xxx” to the list of top-level Internet domain (TLD) names. The applicant, ICM Internet registry, intends to make the TLD available to providers of adult entertainment. There has been opposition to the application from some governments and segments of the adult entertainment industry, but ICANN said the Board decision “shows the strength of the industry self-regulatory model that ICANN is all about.”

Even though no specific communications regarding the relevant registration regulation has been yet released, it is expected that registrations will commence by the end of 2011. I will keep you posted 🙂

.xxx is the suffix dedicated to adult entertainment world.

.xxx is interesting to clients that need to protect their brand, avoiding someone else the use of their name for something dealing with adult entertainment, potentially causing big damages to their image and brand identity.

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